iOS 18 and Wyze app

Just throwing this out there for any that test iOS beta software. The Wyze app General release or the beta app works correctly, when trying to view events it freezes.

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Please state what app version or versions you are seeing this in. It helps. Triage your information when specific details are provided. If this is the beta app that you are having problems with, have you posted in the specific app release that you are experiencing in the freezing?

I’m using Sprinkler version 1011 on app version 2.50.7(10). when I open the sprinkler in the wyze app, it immediately closes. All other devices perform fine.
This fails when using iOS 18 beta. It works on the iOS 17 beta with no issues. It also works fine with android.
Just an FYI

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Did you read my post? Was just throwing it out there the Wyze app Beta or General release does not work with the new iOS 18 correctly. This is for those that test apple beta software and use wyze.

Yep. Just asking for version numbers of what apps you were using. Saying beta app or production app doesn’t really help when trying to troubleshoot because current or most up to date versions can change fairly quickly. For folks that read this topic in a week, or months from now, it sets it in stone what versions were having issues and when.

By posting your information in the specific current app version release topics, it helps the devs and engineers that view those specifically posted topics for issues and keeps reports in the relevant spot for followup and investigation. It also helps end users that look for those topics to see what others are experiencing.

I have the same issue. Using the beta software with Wyze in my iPad and iphone and playback from web does not work.

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iOS 18.0 (22A5282m) causes freezing on playback (but not live events) in all versions of wyze apps (including latest production

I do not believe this to be a fault of Wyze, but the translation layer in the network stack, as the first frame is displayed but stalls. Video decompression could be the culprit but since the same compression stream is used for live playback and recording playback (and live playback works) it really does lean toward the network stack having a stalling buffer.

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Yes, I wish I’d read your post earlier. Instead I contacted Wyze tech support that got elevated with only email communication available and it took over two weeks for someone to realize my iOS 18 beta was the issue, even though I’d asked earlier if that would cause a problem.

Having the same issue. Whenever I open the sprinkler the app crashes this all started after updating to the beta for iOS 18. Hoping a update comes soon to correct this…

Every App on my phone got an update after installing the update except the Wyze app. Come on Wyze let’s do better.

+1 Sprinkler app crashing in iOS18 beta 2

All of my iOS apps, dozens of them, work fine in the current iOS 18 beta. What is taking Wyze so long to work with iOS 18 beta?

And just so Wyze and others will know. Wyze beta 3.0.0 (7) and IOS 18.0 (22A5297f).
My second IOS 18 update.

Sometimes it is with the OS Updates for both Android and iOS. There could be some features not yet implemented or flushed out within the latest OS. As a developer, I see that all the time with Android betas and iOS betas. However, by the time it gets released, everything seems to have works out.

Just mentioning that as it may not be a Wyze Issue.

Agreed, I was merely clarifying the versions I am testing, since there was a previous exchange about versions. By the way, Scan and Go at Sam’s Club does not work under IOS 18. The camera fails to scan codes.

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Im fairly certain this is a wyze issue. They are aware and their fix is revert back to iOS17. Though they really need to get a beta app out there with the fix for iOS18 so it can be tested.

True, but reverting back may m an that they have identified an issue with the beta OS. Reverting back allows things to function.

When the next beta comes out, it may work.

But I am sure Wyze is looking into it

I figured. Thanks

I was responding to the previous post.