Internet connection after bridge

As anyone had internet connection issues ever since they started using the bridge. My first set is 2 weeks old. Was great until I got the wyze sense going. The pan cam was first it stopped connecting all around if it did it was for 2 or 3 minutes. Then I started using bridge on other one and the same thing happened to that one.
Anyone have any troubleshooting?

Welcome to the forums!

Did the camera reset during these outages? Are you using a SD card in the cameras? Does the camera still restart (if you have an SD card installed) if you remove the SD card or try a different card?

Are you using the bridge on the Pancams when they are having issues? It is known that although the bridge can be used on the pancam, its not the best due to the supplied power adapter having a hard time with powering the bridge and the pancam at the same time. It specifically could struggle when the IRs are enabled or the pan or tilt functions are used on the pancam. Its usually the bridge that has the problems in these scenarios, but the camera could also potentially.

Edit/ One more thought, what kind of network setup do you have and how many other wifi devices?

These are my initial thoughts, looking forward to your follow up!