Interior wall mounting brackets for V2 cameras, Simple, Compact, Elegant

Using an 8”x12”x2” by 1/16” T-Bracket or a 12”x12”x2” by 1/16” L-Bracket one can make some clean and simple wall-mounted V2 camera supports.

This multi-angle bracket shown above can be cut from a steel L- or T-Bracket and folded in a vise with a hammer. The horizontal and vertical angles are independent of each other. Each is adjusted to fit with the camera’s location and needed field of view. This one is shown in a corner. Its’ horizontal angle is 45° and its’ vertical one is 25°. It can also be moved up to the ceiling or along the wall. The V2 has angle and swivel capabilities built-in but, I prefer compact configurations. A compact geometry lends itself to being strapped down with tape. Painted to match the light-colored wall would look good.

This simple steel angle bracket is cut from the remains of the T-Bracket used for the multi-angle bracket. It has only one vertical angle (20° in this case) bend. Its’ horizontal angle is fixed at 90° from the wall (no adjustment). The camera support should be 2-1/2" long. The typical range of vertical angles is 0° to 45° downwards from horizontal.


Like it! A great option to have and excellent documentation. Thanks!

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Thank you for this. I LOVE re purposing things like these brackets.
Found them at Home Depot and Lowe’s.