Camera Aim Angle Measurement, Mostly Cardboard, tape, and a protractor Jig

Hello People.
I have mounted a lot of cameras for family, friends, and neighbors. Mostly they are of the L- or T-bracket type. A lessor used type is the Dog-Leg bracket, although it is the simplest in appearance, it requires specific camera aim angles ahead of fabrication. It does not lend itself to angular adjustment after it is built.

This is the link to a hands-on approach to determining the needed camera aim angles. Make a Simple Dog-Leg Camera Bracket No math no trig no vectors no protractors no calculations

Another method for obtaining camera aim angles is the use of a jig as described below. This method requires a working camera and the use of the Wyze app. Pictures 1 and 2 below depict the basic materials needed.

The next 8 pictures show how to get and measure the two camera aim angle components (Horizontal and vertical) and to record them.

In picture 6 above the horizontal aim angle is to the right at 67°, If the camera was angled to the left, the measured angle would be greater than 90°

7 - 10 Angle Template

My next post will show how to calculate the layout for a Dog-Leg type camera support bracket with a spreadsheet, the aim angle measurements, and some dimensional camera information.

Victor Maletic.