Direct V3 Camera Aim Angles w Paper Transit

Hello, People.
The name of this post is “Direct V3 Camera Aim Angles w Paper Transit”
I tried to post the material below as a stand-alone-post for a wider distribution, but the ‘Select a Tag’ pick box doesn’t work for me, preventing the ‘Create Post’ button from working. Perhaps others have had this problem and can set me straight on what I might be doing wrong?
The thwarted post is below:

Hello, People.

In this post a method of directly getting horizontal and vertical camera aim angles. This is useful for using my spreadsheets to generate patterns for DogLeg Camera Supports. It is also useful for getting aim angles used for selecting the STL file for the closest fitting window-mounted Sq. Tube Shield. Which can then be 3D printed.

160 STL files for various combinations of horizontal and vertical aim angles at 5° intervals have been completed. I need to determine the best way it to make them available to you at no cost. I do not want to list 160 links in a post.

Anyone with knowledge of how to present a group of links, I would be appreciative.

The first picture in this post is of a paper protractor printed on 8.5" x 11" paper with a plastic 6" Westcott Protractor setting on top of it for alignment check. Zoom in to see that it fits well.

Below is the link to the PDF file of it that you are welcome to download:

Through the Window Aiming Protractor Plain-Model.pdf

The second picture is of the items needed to make a paper transit. Forgot to show the tape.

Picture three is setting up the vertical protractor.

Picture 4 shows the horizontal protractor setup.

Picture 5 below shows a camera setup using its magnetic base gripping the metal disc that comes with the camera through the cardboard. The camera is sending live views here. Note how the camera cord is looped over the top of the cardboard to keep it from pulling the camera out of position. This is when the horizontal and vertical aim angles are taken and recorded for a selection of the nearest fitting through the window Sq. Tube Shield

Picture 6 is the live camera view of this setup. The image is rotated 90°. The aim point is the center of the picture, imagin the image not rotated.

The last picture is an alternate way of magnetically mounting the camera on the vertical protractor. The camera base is swapped with the metal disc, an upright image is obtained.

The end result of the above activity is to use the link to ‘Sq. Tube 30° Rt 20° Dn Shield.stl’ and print it out and install, see picture below.

That’s all for now, Victor


I had that problem a while back, but then they appeared to fix it. Complain to a Maven or above.

I moved your post to its own topic per your request. Thank you for the heads-up on the tagging issue. :+1: We’re looking into the problem.


Thank you all for your help on the ‘Tag’ issue.

Any thoughts about how to present a link that allows retrieval of a Sq. Tube file with required aim angle?

Below is a screen capture of the compound angle files. The single-angle files (60) are not shown here.

As I write this, perhaps two links should be provided:

1 For the list of files shown above in a PDF format from which a file name can be obtained.

2 For a link to a directory that provides links to the individual linked file.

Any thoughts?


How big are the files in total? There are more sophisticated ways to do this, but If they are small you could just zip them all up, and upload the zip file for distribution of everything together.

Or you could Google drive it, or use other more sophisticated methods.

Hello All.
The Sq. Tube file sizes are either 12.5 or 14.1 KB and the filler Plate and Power Cord Anchor are 6.2 KB
I think the zip approach is good. I hadn’t thought about zip files in years, since the availability of huge memory drives.

Thanks very much, Newshound.

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