Indirect measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Aim Angles for a camera with Two Sticks and a Protractor

Hello People,
As some of you know I am a fan of fixed camera mounts such as the T-bracket, L-bracket, or the Dog-Leg bracket. These names can be searched on the forum if your’e interested. The Dog-Leg bracket needs the most accurate angles for its fabrication, as it is not very adjustable afterwords.

Materials needed for the angle sticks are simple and easy to obtain:
Two large paint stir sticks
Machine screw, two washers, and a wingnut - size whatever you or your neighbor
have on hand. A 1/4" diameter would be the upper size.
A 6" protractor.

The pictures below depict the procedure.

This method will not be as precise, but it will be precise enough. The main advantage is no ladder work is needed.

Victor Maletic.


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good explanations!

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Shucks, wow, very clever. And first time I looked at a protractor since high school.