Interference from two cameras near each other

Has anyone experienced problems having two cameras right beside one another? For example I have one camera pointing to the front of my house in the other camera pointed toward the driveway / street. I get very low connection and frame drops. When I’m watching the video It has pauses and skips for 2 to 3 seconds. It happens with both cameras. If I remove one camera then the remaining camera operates normally.

I haven’t had this issue. You could try power cycling or resetting the cameras.

The only time I have noticed this happen in the past was when I was viewing them in a group. Is that the case here?

Maybe this happens because the app is loading multiple live streams.

I have at times had cameras stacked on top of each other or sitting side by side (touching) and have not noticed a problem.

Are they sharing a power supply? That can be a culprit.

Same for me! I was just thinking about possible causes.

What’s your network setup look like? How many other wifi devices do you have?

Actually I narrowed it down to the actual version of the camera. This is not related to them being in close proximity. All of my V1 Wyze Cams have these delays where I get an image and it pauses for 2 to 3 seconds and I get another image. Weird. I have gigabit up/dn internet and great WiFi coverage. My V2 and Pan cameras do not have this issue. It happens to all of my V1’s (3 cameras). Not sure if this is related to an update or something, but they all worked for a couple of years with no problems.