Integrate multiple door sensors with thermostat

At my rental property, I have an old system that pauses the thermostat if any door contact sensor in the house is open. It’s helped to avoid crazy AC bills due to people not keeping doors closed.

At my home, I want to do the same thing using Wyze equipment but my searches here in the forum don’t give me confidence that this is fully supported yet. I have an Amazon Thermostat but am not committed to keeping it.

Has anyone succeeded at this? Ideally, I’d have the automation change the thermostat setting to 90F when any door contact is open, and then return to the previous temp once all door contacts are closed. Thanks!

Good idea, definitely needed.

You can create a trigger rule that says if the door contact is open, you can turn the heat and A/C off, but not set it to a specific temp.

Conversely you can say if the contact is closed, you can turn on heat or cool mode, but not Auto.

You also can’t put multiple sensors in a group and say if any one opens, turn the heat and A/C off. You can only address individual sensors, so if a door opens it would turn the system off, and if a window closes it would turn it back on.

So not really there yet. :neutral_face:

You can vote for “Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules” in the Wishlist section. Be sure to post your specifics!

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Thanks for the response! On reflection, it’s not just hat a contact is opened, but that it remains open for at least x minutes. It would be risky to have the HVAC turned off completely since sensors are notoriously fickle. and if nobody is present that could result in property damage. Better to be able to set a high (AC) or low (heat) temperature if any one sense remains open for, say, three minutes – and then require the person to go reset it manually once they close the door.

Too bad it’s not supported yet… for now I’ll have to look at other platforms.