Closed window sensor turn on AC?

My wife opens windows and never turns off the AC! I now have sensors on every window and a rule to turn off the AC if a window opens. Is there a way to turn it back on when all windows are closed?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Grouped Sensors as a trigger for a rule. This has been asked for and is a Wish as well.


You would use the same type of rule as you used to “Turn on off mode” when a window was opened except the Trigger would be the window “closed” and the action would be “Turn on cool mode”. It would then follow whatever schedule is set or the state preferences if no schedule is set for the current time.

The only problem I see with this is if there are multiple windows opened. As soon as one is closed it will start the AC even if the others are still open.

It would be nice if one rule could have multiple triggers with and\or logic options. That way, it could be built for all trigger conditions to be met to activate the rule.

An Alexa routine isn’t an option because you can only have one trigger and the T-stat action options are only to set the temp.

Google Home routines are worthless as there are no Wyze starters in GH to even try to build one.

There may be a possibility with IFTTT… But I can’t test that right now because IFTTT won’t connect to my Wyze account… :confounded:.


Not without IFTTT Pro+. It has filters and other capabilities not included in the free or Plus versions. I have a similar need and looked for an option.

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WOW, THAT is a BRILLIANT idea. Thanks for sharing that.

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Thanks! That helps. Now I have to figure out why that won’t connect.