Wyze Contact Sensor Door Open, Turn Off Thermostat

Hey everyone,

I recently got a screen for my balcony door and wanted to have a way to make sure my AC wasn’t going to run while the door is open.

I put a sensor on it door hinge, as the door sits very deep into the frame. Couldn’t have the two parts of the sensor ever stay “closed”. For this to work, you have to use the sensors in opposite running states (devs, lets us apply names to sensor states. People have have on/off/closed/open in either a 0 or 1 state).

I told IFTTT to change my thermostat comfort setting based on the sensor position. If it’s in the “closed” position (read: door open), essentially turn off my AC. If door is closed, go back to my “home” comfort setting. This should work on any sliding window/door as well!
IF sensor is in the CLOSED position (door is open) THEN turn off AC.

Open Status

Closed Status

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I do something very similar to that but via HomeKit instead of IFTTT, I have also accomplished the same thing with Alexa rather than IFTTT. So if you are looking for an alternative consider those.

Sliding Door Open

Sliding Door Closes

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