Possible to auto shutoff thermostat/HVAC if entry sensor open too long?

I have the Wyze home monitoring system in a vacation rental property we have. I’ve seen other rental owners be able to use the entry and window sensors from their alarm systems to trigger the HVAC (AC in particular) to shut off if a door or window is open for a certain length of time. Is this possible to do with wyze door/entry sensors? I don’t currently have the Wyze thermostat, but I’d be willing to get and install one if it made this function possible.
The point of sensors triggering a shutoff is to save the AC compressor from freezing up if renters leave doors/windows open while running the AC when it’s hot out.
Has anyone figured out how to do its? Perhaps with an IFTTT?

“Sort of”. Yes, you can set Rules to shut off the HVAC system if a window is opened, and re-engage it if the window is closed. You can also do it after a specified amount of time.

The thing I don’t see is re-engaging it in “Auto” mode, where both heating and air conditioning are active at the same time. You can re-engage heat or cool, but not both ATM.

Let me do some testing. Might take a day or two. Curious what happens when you have more than 2 windows. Can you use a group rule?

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Thank you! This is very helpful. When it turns back on, what temperature does it use? The last temp it was on or something else?

Did some testing. I discovered you can make a contact sensor group, but you can’t run a rule off it. I was hoping I might be able to say something like ‘if any sensor is open, turn the HVAC off’. Conversely I was hoping I could say ‘when all the sensors are closed, turn the HVAC back on’. But without rule access to a group of sensors, that sort of rule fails before it’s even made.

So I created rules for 2 independent contact sensors. Open the sensor, and turn the HVAC off. Close the sensor, turn the HVAC back on. Works great for one sensor if you only have one window, but two sensors trip all over each other.

With 2 sensors, open both, and close 1, and the HVAC comes back on. So not really what you are looking for, if you have more than 1 window. Sorry!

On your second question, it uses the currently valid temperature by time of day, but as I already mentioned you can’t set it to “Auto” (heat & cool), you have to set it to either heat or cool. So not very flexible IMO… :neutral_face:

Thank you so much for testing and for your response. I fortunately because the Wyze thermostat doesn’t allow you to set temperature minimums and maximums (a slightly more important feature to me), I had to buy a Honeywell. Now I’m trying to figure out if, through IFTTT or Amazon routines or similar, I can set it so if a Wyze contact sensor is open for 15 mins, the thermostat will turn off or set to a specific temperature. I’ve got everything connected in both IFTTT and Amazon routines, but can’t figure out a way in either to specify that the thermostat action should only happen if the contact sensor is open more than 15 mins.