Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

I have 3 V2 and a Pan cam outside for years also. 3 more V2 cams inside.

I had another Pan cam die from water intake. Not a fault with the camera. I had a drip loop in the USB cable that somehow got moved so water ran into the USB connector during a storm.

I also had a V2 die from water but a couple of days in a bag of rice brought it back. I’m still using it outside but in a better case.


Shame on you Angus, you know better :slight_smile:

Someone has to test it. :slight_smile:

Update - Well my first V2 that was installed outside finally died on me. It won’t boot up any longer it stays yellow and the IR lights get stuck on. This camera was the first one that I installed outdoors back in 2018. It has seen temperature swings from -40 below to 101F. Super proud of this little guy! Time to replace with another V3. Great work on these cameras Wyze team!


I have 3 V3 and want to mount them outside. I’m renting a house and can’t drill holes in the walls. The camera leg isn’t magnetic to the water pipe, and using double-sided tape has already damaged the paint on my vinyl siding.
Has anyone tried mounting a camera on downspouts like the one I found here? Are there any other options I could try?

I was thinking something similar to what you linked before I got to your link. Give it a try and post results.

No pictures here, so we must only guess. Have you considered a couple of flat washers about the size of a quarter, and double sided taping them to the water pipe and letting the camera stand stick to the magnet?

You can use these clips on vinyl siding. They just slide under the edge, not permanent.
Bolt the steel washers that come with the cameras to the clip then stick the camera to the washer.


Not a bad little find at all. I can actually think of a few uses for these. I might have to grab some when I get a moment.

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