Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

Thanks @StopICU33 … yes, I came across this and made the attempt but stopped when I understood it is to make a webcam out of the V2 but appears not to have anything to do with addressing error code 13. Here is a link that may have the answer.

I’ll see. Thank you for responding.

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@victormaletic these are very detailed and I appreciate you sharing them with me and the community.

However, I have already decided on a particular setup used by @spoofer9.for my Wyze outdoor camera, although he is using the V2.

Just waiting for the junction box to arrive to get started. Thanks again.

You’re welcome! I hope you find a solution for this issue. I don’t think flashing the camera to make it a webcam will help anything.

However, manually flashing the FW on the v2 cam to v4.9.5.115 may clear up the issue. This version doesn’t make it a webcam. It will work as a standard Wyze cam which can be updated afterwards to v4.9.6.156.

Do you really think with the Wyze cam being under a roof overhang and being high enough on the wall, any rain is HIGHLY unlikely to ever be a problem? We have several mounted under roof overhangs, under hand rails, even attached to the bottom of a Martin house and havent had any problems with moisture/weather. Seems a bit overkill. I would be more concerned about condensation, heat build up in a sealed box and accesssibility for any technical problems. These cameras do seem to be a bit glitchy at times.

Is there any glare at night with IR?

You may be interested in the videos posted in this thread for examples of possible IR glare with the WCO

Also info on using a separate illuminator

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I had an issue with ane of my V2. Suddenly I just stopped working. I did manually flashed my cam twice (I had to do it a second time cuz I was too impatient the first time), I was even able to flash it with the latest firmware v4.9.6.156.

I think a bad SD corrupted something, cuz after flashing it and changed the SD, everything is working just fine now…

BTW, I couldn’t make the old SD work anywhere.

I guess flashing your cam could fix your issue too…


I live in Vermont as well and am waiting for my Wyze Outdoor to be delivered today. I have been using a ReoLink Argus for a few years, and have had ZERO issues with cold temps. The inexpensive solar panel is also a nice feature. And a free level cloud storage option available as well.

Here is some good info from @tomp (w/links) regarding uSD cards. Seems to be the source of many problems.

My camera is mounted inside behind a glass door, with lights in the street so I disabled the night vision /IR and the picture/video looks great. All you need is a little light on your porch or street.

How did you install it? I’ve been thinking of doing that too but not sure how. Is it better to use the outdoor light fixture, or is it best to run a cable

That’s what I was looking for. So you were able to use a light bulb as well as the camera then? Any special lightbulb that you have to use for that set up?

And no problems? Which socket adapter? And what kind of light bulb? Does it have to be a special one?

I use that same screw in the light socket option to power a V2 cam. The bulb should be the same bulb you had in there previously… Just need to be aware of clearance space at the bottom if your fixture is totally enclosed at the bottom…

Are you using the outdoor light fixtures to hook up the cameras outside? What kind of adapter are you using. I want to do the same with my v2 and pan cam

Thanks Yolanda

are you seeing any damage or distortion because of overheating or does it overheat?

@ygomez0721, here is a suggestion I used for lighting. It may work for you. You can find it at 6:30 in this video.


I like Life hackster videos. I saw his idea and I liked it. I’m going to try it out. thanks

You’re welcome. Yeah, he’s pretty good. Hope it works out for you!