Install doorbell pro on brick with wedge

Help! I need to install my doorbell, the very sparse instructions give no hints on whether the adhesive strip will adhere to brick. Googling how to install it to brick is bringing up nothing. Im guessing ill need a masonry bit but id like some sort of walk through on how that goes. My hubs is handy-illiterate but I can follow instructions and use tools. Any help would be appreciated! The “support” function for the site gave me nothing. Wyze, beyond electronic support we have questions regarding the physical doorbell as well!

Using even the best and most aggressive adhesive on brick is iffy on sticking in weather.

If you are going to drill the brick to hang it. Drill the mortar, not the brick. And yes. You will need a masonry bit. The size will depend on the diameter of the anchor you use. They make screws for brick, They are usually blue with a hex head, but they can be bears to get in if the hole isn’t big enough. You can also use a plastic expansion anchor insert and a standard screw. Only drill the hole as deep as the insert or screw + 1\8".


Agree with all of @SlabSlayer comments.

I did a quick search for some tutorials on hanging lightweight items on brick just for some visuals… results were pretty meh.

But I did run across this one that looked pretty good.
There is a nice tutorial with equipment for lightweight and heavier tools needed as well as a video. Give it a look.

How to Hang Something from a Brick Wall.