Doorbell V2 into Hardie?

I need to install the Doorbell V2 onto Hardie board. Will the little screws provided in the kit hold the doorbell or should I buy longer screws?

Welcome to the Forum, @NotsoHandy!

I’m not familiar with that particular type of material and don’t know what your particular installation site looks like, but if you’ve already had a traditional doorbell button screwed in at that location, then I’m the type of person who’d go ahead and try it anyway (assuming that your transformer is delivering adequate power and you meet the prerequisites for getting the Video Doorbell v2 to function). I’m also the type of person who likes to drill pilot holes, even when I’m screwing into wood, so that may be something else to consider if that’s recommended for that material.

I believe that the Video Doorbell v2 comes with 2 sets of screws, one pair are essentially #4 × 1" wood screws for mounting to your wall, and a second pair of smaller/shorter screws are packaged for use if you’re installing the wedge that’s included in the kit. I’m basing my answer on the assumption that you’re asking about the longer screws. I believe the drawing for installation step 2 in the Quick Start Guide is incorrect, because it seems to show using the short screws to mount the plate to the wall. I was using only the longer screws for my own installation (wall plate, no wedge) until I fabricated a custom mount and reinstalled the Doorbell.

I hope this helps! I’m also going to suggest changing the tags on your original post so that you include video-doorbell-v2, because that might help to get the appropriate :eyes: on your question. The Forum’s tags can be kind of confusing, and you currently have cam-outdoor-v2 as a label for this topic. If you need assistance with that, you can flag your own post and ask a Moderator to change it for you.