Doorbell wiring

When wiring the actual doorbell if you do not use the wedge it is impossible to pack the wiring behind the flush mount bracket. I only have a small whole that the original wires come out of and you cannot stuff all the additional wiring behind it. The flush mount should have come with a small cavity to pack the wired in. Anyone have any creative ideas? I used electrical tape instead of the wire nuts. But with the solid copper wiring, which cannot be changed, I am still not even close.

Did the wiring fit before you swapped it all out? You should be able to push it back in to the wall. also what is the outside wall constructed with? Depending on the material you might be able to get behind it.

I thought about it some more and I managed to attach the original wires to the doorbell without using the pigtails. The screw terminals are not really designed for that but I made it work.

This is a nice solution, but it really shouldn’t be this hard.

The doorbell really should have a straight mounting block in addition to the wedge, to allow room for the installation as described in the instructions.

I’m going to submit this to the Wishlist.