Initial Setup Question?

I am in the process of installing the sprinkler controller. The setup started on Zone 1 and then jumped to zone 5. I have 5 zones. I am able to turn on zones 2,3,4 but they have not gone thru the install portion, therefore they do not appear in the zone screen of the app.

Any suggestions on this?
Do I need to start the setup all over again?

It’s been a while since I set mine up, but you should be able to go into settings, and then System, then click on “Configure Terminals” to add in anything that got skipped.

If that doesn’t work then, worst case scenario, either set it up again or contact support.

Let me know if the Configure Terminals setting solves it for you.

Yes, that worked, thank you.
Do you use a manually configured schedule or Sprinkler Plus?

Dennis Tryon


I use sprinkler plus. It’s been awesome for me. I just configured each zone correctly and then let Sprinkler Plus track what the saturation levels are and decide when is the best time to water for each zone. Different zones have different needs based on the settings so it doesn’t necessarily run every zone on the same day, but it does an awesome job at figuring out which zone needs watering when. I love giving it as much flexibility as possible.

Other people love scheduling it for certain days, and I’m sure that works great for them.

I personally just leave mine totally in the hands of the AI to decide when each zone needs more water and I don’t regret that all.

Thanks, I am coming off a Rainbird system that I have had for 15 yrs. It was the very first system that Rainbird brought out that acted as the Sprinkler Plus that you are using. I am very familiar with each zone not running on the same day.

I have a property that has woods on three sides that really suck the water out of the ground. Consequently, I was always having to augment some zones in order to keep things looking good.

In addition, my side and back have a good deal of slope to them and require a soak period. How is your yard situated, Trees? Slope? If you have any slope, does the Sprinkler Plus create a start, soak, resume cycle?

I have never understood how the system calculated the saturation process. My Rain Bird system had a weather pod (not a rain shut-off) that made those decisions.

I do know that you can tell it to compensate for each of those situations. If you open a zone and select the edit icon you’ll see settings for a bunch of stuff. Most of them have “advanced settings” so you can modify this a little for customized experience for that zone. For example under crop type advanced settings you can raise the crop coefficient number to make it water a little more often in that area if you find it needs it a little more.
You can also change the allowed depletion rate to make it water more or less frequently and how dry it allows a zone to get.

Each advanced setting will have an explanation for what it does and you can select “help me decide” for more info. Then it will make extra allowances for your particular preferences or zone needs. :+1:

Do you have any issues with “Quick Run” not working? Have you got a Rain shut-off device installed?

I have not had any problems with Quick Run not working.

No, I do not have any rain sensors installed. I’ve thought about buying some, but it seems to me I’d only realistically be able to get a couple of them and it would not be enough to monitor each zone anyway, and telling it to make decisions for all zones based on the rain sensor for just one or 2 zones didn’t seem practical when each zone might have slightly different needs. It seemed better for me to just adjust the advanced settings for each zone instead if I found adjustments were needed.

You only need one for the property, not one for each zone. I would recommend the Rainbird WIRED version. You can set it to turn the watering off at various inches of rain.

With the Sprinkler Plus are you still able to customize your zones?

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I will look into it. It might be more effective to know the actual soil saturation, rather than guessing an estimate, so I will consider it.


You can hook up a rain sensor and that has nothing to do with the soil saturation, it just shut the Sprinkler system of as you set to.

You can also hookup a soil sensor. The system will handle 2 sensors. I don’t know how the soil sensor functions, I intend to look into that.

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Ah, good suggestion then. The rain sensor can certainly be useful in that way. I was thinking of a soil sensor, and I am not as convinced that a soil sensor can help with multiple zones that are all different when it is only measuring one zone (I think). I will have to research it better, as I am not very educated on them, but now that you explain the rain sensor, I can definitely see how that can be useful.

I am in agreement about soil sensors. The Rainbird system I have migrated from had a pod that was placed over one of my backyard zones. It monitored the evaporation, temp and I don’t know what. I could never understand how it could apply what it was sensing there to other zones that had more shade, less shade, trees, etc. The guy that closes my system down at season’s end has always maintained that your eyes are the best to determine the condition of the grass.

You can buy a probe meter that you insert into the ground that will measure the moisture content, the Ph of the soil, etc for cheap. That seems like a more efficient means of monitoring each zone and adjusting it accordingly.

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Do you have any zones that have any slope to them that would require a soak period? If so, how did you or Sprinkler Plus handle that?

I just use the Cycle/Soak setting:

I have not created a schedule yet. Is that part of the Sprinkler Plus program or just part of the scheduling? When you use the Sprinkler Plus do you still have to create schedules?

Yes, just setup a “Smart Schedule.” I still set one up, but then under the schedule setting for “limit watering to” I just set mine to “no limit” so it has the leeway to do whatever it feels is best.

Also, I would set up an “Offline Schedule” in case your sprinkler controller ever loses internet connectivity, then it will still do watering anyway even though the AI can’t analyze stuff for you.

I am having an issue activating Sprinkler Plus, how do I do that? When I attempt to do that with “Upgrade Now” in the App settings it goes nowhere

Just force close the app and the go back into it. That’s what works for me