Spinkler Setup Issue

Hello all. Received the Wyze Sprinkler device in and got it hooked up. After a very tedious effort to make sure only my 2.4 GHz network was broadcasting I was able to complete the setup (finally). The issue is now though that every time I try to access the sprinkler device through the app it wants me to setup all over again. But the device itself acknowledges it has been setup since I need to reset it to pair all over again. Done the setup 3x times now and each time the app will revert me back to fresh install setup as opposed to a known device.

Edit; During the initial setup one of the things the app hung up on was confirming a zone was watering. I skipped that step and confirmed manually through the device that it worked. The second go round I tried it the other way and the app also did not respond. It seems like the final step to verify that installation is complete might hang up after the zone confirmation which for me is non responsive.

Any thoughts?