Incorrect pricing/advertising on President's Day sale in the app

I noticed this and thought I should bring it to someone’s attention, although I’m not sure who would need to see this. @carverofchoice any ideas on who needs to see this?


I’m on it! I just linked some people to your post. Thanks for catching and reporting it. Nice find!


I didn’t want anyone to get their hopes up like me that the battery cam pro is 1/2 off lol


That would be awesome!


Oh no! I’m so sorry we got your hopes up like that. Thank you for bringing this up. It’s a good reminder to nudge up some design priorities. This is happening because Shopify is pulling from a variant (a 3-pack bundle for Battery Cam Pro) that is also on sale and is $41.98 off. :frowning: We’ll get working on this though.


No worries and thank you for the explanation!


Your Presidents Day ads are also very MISLEADING.

You show the garage door opener for as little as $18.95. Then when I click on the details, the controller alone is that price, but it is sold out.

In fact, that controller HAS BEEN SOLD OUT FOR OVER 4 months. A new controller is all that I have needed to fix my setup, and for reasons of principle, I have not purchased a complete replacement, as I have 4 spare v3 cameras. You have plenty controllers for the bundled packages in this sale, but not the controller alone.

Please get your act together.

Hi @zpaeric. I’m sorry that happened. Could you send me a message or post what ad you are referring to? From what I’ve seen, we didn’t include the Garage Door Controller as part of this promotion, but it is on discount right now.

As for the pricing issue, this is part of something we’re trying to fix. Our cart is referencing the variant ($18.99 - a controller-only item) that is part of this product listing. We unfortunately don’t have this product in stock. However, this product is included as a bundle with the Cam v3 - these should come as a single package which is usually why we can’t split out certain bundles. I will check with my team to see if there is an update on inventory for you though.


Thanks for the follow-up! The email should have led you directly to our Wyze app shop tab. Inside the shop area of the app, you can access most (if not all) of our product catalog. However, I can see how this could be confusing if you don’t land directly in our “Exclusive Subscriber Deals” section. This is a purple banner that shows up for Wyze subscribers (Cam Plus, Cam Protect, Home Monitoring).

I’m sorry you experienced this issue, I’ll add your experience as another ticket since it hits on two issues. :slight_smile:

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