Garage Controller Bundle Pricing

So I’m scrolling thru the store when I see the garage controller is $18.99, including camera. Great deal right? So I click on the description, up pops a photo with the camera shown with all the other doo-hickeys. I scroll down, read thru the info where it clearly says “comes with camera included” and I’m all for it! I go to add it to my cart when -BOOM- the dreaded bait’n’switch comes up: what configuration do you want? 1) with camera n stuff:$53, 2) without camera $18.99, 3) with camera and as card or some bs for more….

I love you guys, Wyze. I’ve been around since y’all were very new. But that was a complete steaming load of crap and y’all have to know it. I’d post screenshots if I can. Can I?

I guess I can.

So the only saving grace I guess is where, on the second page in, it says “from $18.99” but every stitch of literature says it’s included. I smell some false advertising here, in the form of a steaming pile as described above ….

Hmmm… It says “from” $18.99, which is true if you only get the controller. :slight_smile:

If you look closer on the $18.99 price it says “NO” Wyze Cam V3 included, but for the “no” you have to look up a line. :wink:

BTW, I believe the camera is special, with a shielded pigtail, and the controller-only option is for a replacement controller for that shielded camera bundle.

So you should buy the camera bundle with this one, a normal V3 could cause problems with your legacy remotes (depending on what frequency they operate on).

I bought just the garage door add-on controller, and used a regular V3 camera that I already had, and it worked fine. I did that for me and my neighbor, and both work without out any issues.

The regular V3 cameras we used have the flat pigtail, rather than the round shielded pigtail on the bundled V3 camera.

We both have different brand garage door openers. Mine is about 38 years old, and hers in about 30 years old.

Wyze suggests that if you don’t use the bundled V3 and use the regular flat pigtail V3 camera, that you mount the camera 3 feet away from the garage door opener, but in both cases, we mounted the cameras directly on the garage door motor housing using the built-in camera magnetic base.

Your experience could be different, but neither of us have had any problems, and our push button remotes still work as well.

Totally depends on what model GDO you have. For me, the flat pigtail camera totally wiped out my remotes to the point of barely being able to use them directly under the opener, and not being able to use them at all from outside the garage door. YMMV (depending on your GDO model).

Everyone missed the point of the entire post.

The first iteration of this bundle NOT including the camera appeared at checkout. All the advertising, propaganda, et.Al., showed as if the camera was included.