In motion sensor setup the camera I want it connected to will not list so I can select it

Wyze app does list the camera I want to connect the motion sensor too. The camera is part of a group and works.
There are three listed but none of them is the camera I wanted to connect the motion sensor too. I am doing this because the camera/motion sensor system which previously worked went offline. I deleted the motion sensor and tried to reinstall it. But while trying to reinstall it the camera would not list so I could not select it. The camera was part of a group so I ungrouped it - still is not listed in the setup procedure. The camera was working.

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Just to make sure, do you have a bridge plugged into the camera you want to connect the motion sensor to?

No bridge in the camera I want to connect to, but it is daisy chained to another camera. I am trying to restore it to its previous operational connection to the motion sensor.

Sorry Jason21271
I misinterpreted the setup instruction for the motion sensor. The app only listed three cameras because those are the locations of my three bridges. Selecting a camera to record when the motion sensor is triggered occurs after pairing.
Thanks for your efforts.