IFTTT VS in-app selections - What takes precedence?

Hey Everyone,

I searched the forum and saw this question, specific to scheduling in app VS IFTTT.

I have a similar question, but more generalized. I’m using IFTTT (Wyze + Life360) to set motion tracking on my pan cam to off when anyone in my circle is at home, and to turn motion tracking back on when the last person has left home. So far, it seems to not be working for me. When we arrive back home, Life360 app recognizes we are home, but when we walk in the door, the camera is still tracking us all over (in this case, we had manually turned on tracking before we left home as we were experimenting with the setup a bit). I would have expected the IFTTT integration to still shut off the tracking when we arrived home. It did not seem to do that. With that, I’m wondering - is this “normal” behavior? As in, is this a result of me manually turning on motion tracking before we left? If so, then I can assume that manual controls override IFTTT, even when a trigger event occurs. In which case, I need to make sure any manual changes I make in the app align with the current “state” for IFTTT before leaving the house from now on, so things behave correctly.

Does anyone know with certainty how precedence works with IFTTT integrations VS in-app settings? (apologies if this has been covered and I didn’t find it in the forum - brand new here)


I’m a little confused. You said, “to set motion detection on my pan cam to off.” But, turning motion detection off will not disable motion tracking. And, as far as I see, IFTTT does not have a “That” to turn off motion tracking.

Apologies. I meant to say “motion tracking”, not detection. I corrected it in my post.

Having said that, I think you probably just nailed it. I had motion tracking vs motion detection. my “that” is detection, not tracking. you are right. A bit confusing, honestly. I assumed without motion detecting turned on, that it would not be able to “sense” the motion to track it. But, that seems to be an incorrect assumption on my part. Thank you for pointing that out!

My question still stands about precedence though - for instance, if I manually turn my notifications back on when at home, even though I have an IFTTT integration to turn them off, what takes precedence?

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The last trigger… Your manual change is really just a trigger to the app. So in your example, the notifications will remain on… unless IFTTT is again triggered - by Life360? or some geofencing set up - to turn them off.

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Makes sense. Good to know. Thank you so much for the help!