IFTTT vs Wyze App schedule

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If I set the app scheduler to only detect sound and motion between 12-6am and I set a Life 360 IFTTT to turn on motion when the last family member leaves the house, if that person leaves the house during the day, will the IFTTT overrule the app’s scheduler and be able to turn on motion detection at say 3pm, or will the app scheduler take precedence and keep it off until midnight?
I want to do this as I can’t find any other way of turning off/on both motion and sound detection through IFTTT.


I really don’t know the answer. But if you scheduled motion on/off in the app via the schedule settings inside the Event Recording settings, you may want to turn that off and instead use scheduled shortcuts to turn motion detection on/off. Those are discrete events and therefore which ever was last invoked (shortcut or iFTTT) would be in effect.

Thanks Loki. I need the sound detection off as well and don’t seem able to do that via shortcuts - maybe I need to look harder :slight_smile:

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Thanks will add my vote