Motion Detection Scheduling to omit certain days.

Is there a way to schedule motion detection to only be active during the work week? I need the motion detection to only be active when my wife and I are at work. I would think this is how most people would want it to work.

Currently i have motion and sound detection on a schedule of 730am-530pm (when we are away at work), but i need this to only be active Mon-Fri.

I am interested in this as well.


But pls do not do it like it was done for the foscam devices (I do not like clicking 168 time block to configure the day/times)

Ditto here! I’d love to have this where it’s not on during the weekend when we’re home.

also if you could add the recording time to sd card to sync with schedule times.

I checked with support on this and they are with working in it.

When do expect to add this feature?

IFTTT allows for this feature. You can turn detection on or off for each camera each day of the week using the Date/Time widget on IFTTT website/app. Search the forums on how to set it up.


It has time to start, what about end time? Why is feature not in wyze app, would be much easier there?

It does have the end time available. There are two options on the alert settings page: “Start Time” and “End Time”.

Thanks I got it now. Still would be better in app.

It’s coming, so I was told.