IFTTT No Longer Works?

I don’t understand… one of the biggest features is the ability to have Wyze turn on and off automatically when you enter or exit an area. There was a firmware update that added multiple cameras support to the app. Ever since, the applet in IFTTT has an extra option for ‘Which Device’. But when you select it, it says ‘no options found’.

I’m just curious… do your devs not test updates? Or is this specific to myself? I mean… the multi-camera support is useless to me, but the ability to use IFTTT to turn it on and off is priceless. At least Ring is working on a new feature for that so maybe I’ll have one camera at home that works.


I am having the same problem. Seems to have started before I updated the firmware.

I got it working again by reconnecting IFTTT to Wyze.


It wasn’t the 5/9 update… was the update before that when they added support for multiple devices.

Thanks for that info, wnk. I will have to try that when I have a chance. Will post result.

I’m having the same problem, I’m unable to see a list of any devices for any of the applets. Log out of WYZE app (not ifttt) and log back in and the devices will show up again temporarily in ifttt, but it will reoccur again later. Perhaps something got goofed up when they added the two factor authentication, which i do have active, it seems to have started around then.

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You have to re-authenticate WYZE inside the ITFFF program.

In IFTTT, search for the WYZE Service.

Select the WYZE service in the IFTTT program.

Select “settings.”

Edit the connection (making no changes, assuming your WYZE info hasn’t changed.)

Sign in to WYZE service.

Accept the link between WYZE and IFTTT connection.

You should be good to go.


Is anyone having this problem on a regular basis? I am having to reauthorize almost daily to keep my IFTTT applets for Wyze to keep working. I have Arlo, Blink and Wyze cameras and the others work fine with IFTTT. Appears that Wyze is just not as mature as the other offerings at this point


Yes, I am having to reauthorize IFTTT on a daily basis for my Wyze cams to keep working via IFTTT. In every single case, my Wyze connection says that I’m active, but the cam does not start working with the applet again until I sign back in just the same. After that it works for about a day and then I notice I have motion triggered events by my Phillips Hue outdoor motion sensor and IFTTT notes seeing motion from that, and in the applet activity I see the applet is activated and runs, but my Wyze cam is not triggered to take an video, that is until I log back in to my Wyze connection in IFTTT. I’m a fairly recent Wyze cam owner as of a couple weeks ago, so I’m not sure how long this has been an issue, but has been an issue for me since installing the camera. More troubling to me is that I sent a support message to Wyze and they never got back with me about this issue, so I must say I’m beginning to question my original desire to invest in Wyze and if this does not get resolved soon, I may need to look elsewhere for my camera needs, as I cannot keep using these for security if they don’t record video when I need them to. Now if they worked with more than just IFTTT, then maybe my home automation hub could directly talk with them, but for now I’m stuck using IFTTT to get the functionality I need.

Also, one important thing to note, in addition to the wyze account showing active in IFTTT, I am also able to connect to the Wyze camera thru my android tablet and stream real time video from it when IFTTT stops being able to trigger it, but if I open the applet to see which device the applet sees, it shows nothing…UNTIL I sign into the wyze service in IFTTT. VERY vexing problem. Not sure any of this helps, but I think I’m having similar issues as you.


I’m pretty sure this is related to the latest firmware/app upgrade since mine was working fine before. Now the camera disappears from Ifttt everytime even after I reconnect it

Glad I am not the only one. At this point, I am putting the Wyze cameras on the shelf and going back to solutions (Arlo, Blink) that I know will work. I am disappointed because I had high hopes for this inexpensive camera but it just does not appear ready.

If you lost the devices to select in the IFTTT with Wyze it could be as simple as after you set the initial IFTTT that in Wyze you moved the sequence of the devices or added a sensor. This is the same problem affecting TinyCam. I have submitted this problem with IFTTT losing cameras to select and after trail and error it points to the moving your devices which is allowed but it also changes the Channel number originally assigned when added to the Wyze app. Then when the sensors are added it shifts the channel numbers, causing you original setting in IFTTT to get scrambled.

This is a real problem and not just a channel problem from rearranging. I’m too having the same problem as those above and having to do the same things, having to sign back in etc. Please Wyze team fix this.


My Wyze IFTTT service has had to be reauthenticated approximately every 24 hours since the second-to-last firmware upgrade (I think). If I don’t reauthenticate, all IFTTT Wyze applets fail silently.

IFTTT doesn’t think anything is wrong - Wyze applets complete normally, configured notifications occur normally, all applet checks complete normally and IFTTT shows no errors anywhere. The only indication from within IFTTT that something’s wrong is that the ‘Which Device’ field in Wyze applet settings displays “No options found” instead of showing my camera list.

And none of my applets are having any effect on my cameras.

Wyze firmware has been the only part of my IFTTT-Wyze system that has changed; no new/changed cameras, no new/changed IFTTT applets, no new/changed network environment, no new/changed anything except Wyze firmware.

Please fix ASAP?

Yes, exactly my problem too.

Why is this being sent to me?

I have pinged Wyze on the IFTTT issue to get some visibility on it.

FYI, I tried the only possible solution above and it doesn’t even make sense. There is no ‘connection settings’ in my IFTTT app (or under the specific settings for Wyze applet). Maybe that person is on an iPhone and has a different interface or something, but that is not a solution for me.

Hey, folks. We’re sorry to hear about this trouble. I’m escalating it further within the team.


I’m a new investor in Wyze cams and can confirm the same situation everyone else is describing.

After a period (about 24 hours ish) I have to go in to ifttt and remove Wyze service and log back in. I also see “Options not found” rather than the cameras on my account in the ifttt recipe setting as the confirmation that it has “disconnected”.

Confident Wyze can iron this one out… Much appreciate the company and the continued improvement!

Yeah, I’m usually tolerant when it comes to pre-existing issues. But when a company pushes an update that CAUSES a bug, I believe it should be fixed asap. Not in a few weeks.

By the way, is it possible to revert updates to the firmware??? That would be fine - at least the biggest feature of the camera would work again.