IFTTT No Longer Works?

Same problem already opened ticket two weeks ago with no answer from wyze…

Wyze has a support backlog of about two weeks right now. They are working hard to alleviate that situation very soon. They have also been made aware of the IFTTT issues, and looking into that.

Same problem here. Removing and re-adding wyze through the IFTTT app let it run once, but then it throws the same “problem with the wyze service” message. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

same problem here. having to re-authenticate every day to get ifttt applet working

Similar problem with IFTTT. I go to Authorize and the IFTTT app keeps stating loading… and never gets to where I can select any of the WYZE device. I am not a techie and was hoping to Turn on a specific Light when motion is detected via the motion sensor, which is in a room without a camera. Made sure all were on the same 2.x network, restarted everything. Glad to know it is not me! Many users are non-techies and get lost in the re-authorization process. It should just work. In the ideal world these devices should be seen by Google Assistant or Google Home ( whatever they call it this week)

So… I did not reauth my Wyze with IFTTT. Looks like it’s working again with my original selected camera.

Is this bug resolved at this point? It’s very nice to have it working again… Hopefully it’s a cleared ticket.

Thank you for working on it!


hashtag: METOO :slight_smile:

Yep – I’m having to re-authenticate every day, which is a nonsense but seems to be what’s necessary to keep the Wyze IFTTT service going. I submitted a ticket last week and have yet to receive a reply (other than the automated acknowledgement). Very unimpressive.

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I switched the WYZE bridge to my other WYZE camera and it’s working fine (all sensors and all applets in IFTTT) for two days so far.

I had to re-authenticate daily until a few days ago. It has suddenly started working and no re-authentication needed!

Yes… I thought the same thing (that it had been fixed), but the behavior came back again. So… I’m dubious on this until Wyze specifically comes out and says they have corrected the bug.

In the meantime I have dialed down the motion detection box to a very small section which almost solves the problem I had IFTTT solving.

Please sort this out Wyze and let us know when it’s all buttoned up.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

GRRR… Just realized it’s happening on the IFTTT applet for my smart bulb also. It says ‘please select device’… when you try, it says ‘no options available’. I mean… they obviously updated the applet to allow for more devices. That’s when it stopped working. So there is no such thing as testing new updates at Wyze??? Typical 2019 tech firm. Update & don’t test. Not a good way to get people to purchase the new devices they’re producing. Sad.

My guess is that they’re so focused on getting these new products out (not that they do us any good in Canada – they can only be ordered in the US) that they have got completely overstretched. From what we’re seeing in this thread they’re not monitoring their IFTTT service or this forum; they’re certainly not responding to support tickets. Or if they are, whoever is doing the monitoring may be so fed up with passing requests on to the people responsible for maintaining the services to no effect, that they’ve more or less given up. I’m sure they’re all working very hard, but I hope very much that this isn’t the same movie we’ve seen before: bright young techies come up with great ideas but fail because of their inability to balance all the demands that the growing operation requires, in particular here supporting their customer base.

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as of 5/28/19 can confirm that IFTTT still loses contact to wyze

Yep, no change here either - IFTTT still loses its Wyze authentication every 24 hours or so.

A couple of days ago I reverted/regressed/downgraded my Cam Pan firmware to three versions ago ( in an effort to restore IFTTT-Wyze functionality.

It didn’t work. This issue persists with the older firmware - I see zero change in behavior.

Maybe something to do with 2FA? I did turn it on after it was made available, but turned it off shortly thereafter due to implementation issues.

Try to switch the bridge to another camera (if you have another one, a v2 one not pan), that’s what I did. Worked for me.

Curiously, the support people don’t seem to be aware of this 24-hour issue. I’ve just had a reply to my support ticket, in which it was suggested that I reconnect to the Wyze IFTTT service. I replied to the effect that yes, that works, but only for a day, and reported that this was the subject of discussion on this forum. Let’s hope that this encourages someone at Wyze to look at what’s happening to the service (well, hope springs eternal, as the saying goes…)

I know that this is something that is now being discussed internally. :slight_smile:

When I checked on this before, I was shown the connectivity and there wasn’t a dip. I’ll push for another check.

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I’m experiencing this issue with both my Wyze and Blink camera connections. In the past I would see occasional misses when it came to turning on and off cameras but for the past 48 hours nothing is working.

Thanks, Gwendolyn – much appreciated :smiley:

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