IFTTT integration to Wyze failed today

This morning around 1am PST my IFTTT link to my Wyze account failed. Had to reconnect all my applets this morning. Anyone else notice any issues?

There was a small outage last night that effected some people, it could have effected that

Thanks…didn’t see any mention of the outage anywhere.

@WildBill I had the same thing happen to me at the same time.

I’ve had this issue 3 times in the last couple of weeks, the first time when WYZE went down for their scheduled maintenance window on Feb 8th (I think that was the date). Once more since then, and then last night. I was wondering if it was a Wyze issue or an IFTTT issue and came here this morning to see if others were experiencing the same thing.

Interestingly enough, my issue of multiple Wyze Lock history events as reported here Wyze Lock history (log of events) keeps showing redundant entries! - #3 by WyzeDesmond has stopped as of today. This leads me to speculate (probably erroneously, but hey speculation is fun), that Wyze restarted something last night, or implemented an update for this issue and it kicked the IFTTT authentication off.

I could be totally off on this, but the 2 facts are, my IFTTT integration stopped last night and my Wyze Lock history events are reporting correctly today…

Double entries yesterday

Single entries today. Entries appears to be working correctly as of this morning.

Well, IFTTT is offline now. Can’t get to the website.

IFTTT had scheduled maintenance, I think it ended though.

Maybe over time wise, but still isn’t working.

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Interesting, I guess it will be back soon