bug report - IFTTT lost connection

android app verion 1.4.18

updated to the latest beta firmware and within 24 hours, my IFTTT service was lost from Wyze. my internet did not go down during this time and my wifi is solid.


I have this problem as well - IFTTT gets disconnected from my Wyze account every couple of days. I’m on iOS, running 1.3.152.

I can reconnect without problems, but the connection only lasts a day or so.

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I also have the same problem.

Been having issues with IFTTT since i started using it 2 weeks ago. The applets work maybe 1/3 the time :frowning:

I have this issue, too. However, I am having the issue on iOS equipment with the Beta app and iOS equipment with the Release app. Therefore, I. would conclude it is something with the IFTTT / Wyze connection not the Wyze beta app.

I am experiencing this also on Android, but only after a firmware update to the Pan and three V2s. I believe this might be intentional to enable IFTT to communicate to the devices and possible new capabilities

I have the same issue constantly on my Android phone. Nearly every day for me.

IFTTT drops the Wyze Cam connection about every 24-36 hours.

Definitely a bug.

I’m also getting this issue.

I’m having a very similar issue with IFTTT and Wyze, but my issue is that the service still shows that I’m active when I edit my Wyze connection in IFTTT, but no camera is showing in my applet, so about once a day for the last few days I have been playing with this, I have to must manually go back in and sign back in, even though I’m active, and then it starts working just fine again for about a day, then wash, rinse, and repeat, which is starting to get old, and I feel I cannot depend on this anymore and am about to start looking for other solutions. Hopefully this gets figured out, as it is a serious concern since I’m using this as part of a security monitoring plan.

I have also been having disconnect issues like this recently. I just thought I haven’t had an issue in a few days, but looked at a log that ifttt makes and it hadn’t logged anything since yesterday morning. It missed everything yesterday. Ifttt said the connection was still active, so I relogged back into Wyze via ifttt.

i have the same problem currently, was this ever resolved?

Same issue. The platform doesn’t matter as this is a cloud to cloud connection. Is the problem with Wyze or IFTTT? I would think Wyze as an authentication time out to its cloud since other services on IFTTT don’t show this problem. Every 24 hours or so I have to go in and edit the service in order for the connectivity to wake up again. The service is never reported as down.

One solution for this that would work for me is to open up an API to allow us to communicate with the bridge locally if that’s what we’re trying to do to cut out the cloud connections entirely. I’ve voted for this separately in the wish list section.

This is a large problem especially for the Sense line since the whole purpose is for them to trigger something else to happen and that shouldn’t be limited to just the other Wyze products or they lose a lot of their value.

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This problem seems to be happening again. Does anyone know how to resolve it? I can’t keep connecting every day.

I’m having this issue. IFTTT keeps losing connection to WYZE and I have to reconnect the account. This happens every other day and it’s becoming really annoying. Any solution available?

I do not have any answer to this question, but it has been raised and there is additional info on This Thread.
Hope this helps.

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