IFTTT Service Disconnect

Is anyone having issues where IFTTT loses connectivity with Wyze? I have to go into IFTTT and edit the service connection to wake it back up so that it sees the triggers. The problem is that there is nothing to illustrate the problem until I notice the lack of things happening from an expected trigger.

same here. new to Wyze but not new to IFTTT. I had turnon/off triggers based on Life360 presence… and after some amount of time, the connectivity is broken. Log in again to the service and it works for a spell… then breaks again.

Wyze… known issue?


There have been issues with some people having to reconnect Wyze in IFTTT every day, other people have no issues. I’m not sure where that issue stands but I believe Wyze was looking into it.

I have been using IFTTT for months with no issues, but yesterday my IFTTT actions stopped firing on Wyze events so it looks like something is amiss.