IFTTT Constant Disconnection

Anyone know why my IFTTT keeps disconnecting from Wyze? Every day or two my recipes don’t run properly, and then I find that Wyze was disconnected from IFTTT and I have to log back in. This is so frustrating.

And it happened again. This time it also disconnected from Alexa. Anyone know why this keeps happening?

hello. i am also gettjng ifttt issues. my recipies wont run. i got an email from ifttt advising me tobrdcomnect my wyze service which i did. but still no luck

can anyone confirm pls if your ifttt is working
? thx

After getting hold of IFTTT support I’ve had no issues. They did some stuff on their end and then I had to re-enable my recipes and since then it’s been pretty smooth sailing.