[FIXED] IFTTT offline; oath.wyzecam.com is down

IFTTT disconnected and oauth.wyzecam.com returns http error 503

I logged off then back in the Wyze service from IFTTT this morning with no issues, can you try again?

Yeah, it seems to be working now.

Is this resolved for you guys? My IFTTT connection to Wyze stays up for 2-3 days, at which point I have to reauthenticate OAUTH in IFTTT.

This defeats the purpose of buying a bunch of Wyze sensors because they would otherwise do useful things in conjunction with other devices, bridged through IFTTT.

Hello @mmichon and welcome to the community.

I heavily use IFTTT and have run into this issue not only with WYZE but other items, but (knock on wood) I have not had to re-authenticate WYZE in about 45 days now. It has been running well for me.

Thanks @WyzeJasonJ. For me, it consistently requires re-authing every few days. I think the Ring-IFTTT bridge was doing this at the same cadence as well, so this sounds like it’s perhaps an IFTTT thing.

Thats what I am thinking, I still have to do it about every 10 days for SmartThings