IFTTT Wyze applets regularly going offline

My IFTTT Wyze applets regularly (every few weeks to a month) go offline. This has been going on for a long time (months, maybe years? Didn’t track down the first instance).

Every time this happens, I need to log-in to https://ifttt.com, “fix” the Wyze service by re-entering the Wyze credentials, and then “reconnect” the applets that use Wyze. I’m only getting this for Wyze. Other applets using other cloud providers such as Alexa, MyQ, Google, Hubitat, etc. do not have this issue, meaning do not regularly end up in a state that requires re-entering their credentials.

An example of Wyze applet is: every day at 12:45, reboot all cameras.

A week with Wyze customer support got me nowhere: they keep focusing on device firmware version, Wyze app version, IFTTT app, type of phone, phone logs, etc. despite this being an issue with credential tokens between two cloud backends.

This looks like an authentication issue; given that the oauth token is not expiring on a fixed length of time an educated guess would be that on the Wyze cloud side there’s some kind of token cache keyed on account and 3P cloud provider that may be doing some assumptions around number of valid tokens. In my case there are multiple IFTTT accounts for the same Wyze account.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? If so, is there a fix or workaround?