IFTTT unable to connect

When I disconnect my IFTTT applets temporarily and then try to reconnect, the applet doesn’t work anymore. I have to delete Wyze from the IFTTT program and then reestablish all new applets. Anyone having the same issues?

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This actually happened to me. I thought IFTTT or my devices were malfunctioning. Motion detection were turning on and turning off several random lights all of a sudden. I am not sure how this started. Maybe I added two factor authentication later and didn’t notice the coincidence?

When I need to refresh an IFTTT connected service, I don’t “log out” of the service and “log in” again. I just go directly to the credentials page and enter them again.

This refreshes the token of the connected service and keeps my applets intact.

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Where is the credentials page at? In the wyze app or the IFTTT app? Never mind, just found it. Thanks for the hint.