IFTTT broken after breach?

none of my IFTTT triggers works anymore. I reconnected Wyze API, deleted applets and deleted Wyze service and re-added the Service and Applets to no avail.

is this a IFTTT security measure, or Wyze issue?
the odd thing is, the services adds just fine in IFTTT.

Is as if Wyze is not sending updates to IFTTT.

please advise. :frowning:

It worked for a few days after the breach. It stopped working on the evening of January 1st. There have been numerous issues open for this and there are multiple thread open on the forum for this problem. Wyze is working on this.

Mine are still not working as of this morning. Although I did received one (1) IFTTT notification 2 hours ago, but nothing else since.

I think that everything was reset and needed new passwords or to re login with new setup after January 1. IFTTT, Alexa and Tinycam were all affected. Try setting it all up again to see if that helps.

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All my IFTTT rules have been running with no issues

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No issues here.

Over the last week or so, it has not been the most dependable. I have an IFTTT applet that will add a new entry onto a google sheet when particular sensors are opened (and when cleared.) Some days i get a notification from IFTTT that the Wyze service is offline and to re"connect" the wyze applets one by one.

Definitely after the data breach occurred, and Wyze patched this issue, there definitely seems to be a higher frequency of these service disconnects from Wyze to IFTTT. Which in essence translates to more blank entries on the google sheets log.

Prior to the breach issue, it was pretty much a non-existent issue. Sensors would open/close and google sheets would automatically populate the new data …