IFFT Detect Motion/ Alexa plays sound

Hello I noticed that this feature is not available and I would like to have it added on IFFT. It would be great if when the camera detects motion or sound or persons that it could then trigger Alexa to speak a phrase or play a sound to scare off people or just to simply let you know that motion has been detected. For instance the ifft would look like this… IF … wyze detects motion/sound/person THEN Alexa says phrase or Alexa plays sound. Etc

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Having this implemented through IFTTT would require that IFTTT’s “then” actions can trigger an Alexa voice alert or sound. I don’t know if that’s possible. But if not, it would be something that is totally between IFTTT and Alexa/Amazon. There’s nothing there that Wyze can control. Wyze already provides the “camera detects motion” IF trigger for IFTTT. That’s all that Wyze can do in this regard.

Now, that said, this could be implemented directly between Wyze and Alexa without IFTTT in the middle. Doing so would require that Wyze expose the “camera detects motion” trigger to Alexa Routines. Wyze already exposes some triggers (for Wyze Sense and Wyze Lock) to Alexa Routines. But unfortunately, not yet this one.

However, there is an existing Wishlist item (see below) for this. Please hop over there and vote for and/or comment on it.