Play alert on Google Home and Amazon Alexa when motion detected

Is it possible to use IFTTT or any other service to play an alert on Alexa and/or Google Home when motion is detected? Is this something we can expect in the near term from the Wyze team?

IFTTT works by building a recipe that combines a trigger with an action. Wyze already provides the “motion detected” trigger. You can combine this trigger with any action step that IFTTT supports. So this is not something that’s under the Wyze team’s control.

I just looked up Alexa in iFTTT and see that it does not provide any actions (only triggers). Google Home does not seem to be supported by IFTTT at all. Sorry there’s not better news there.

I don’t think it’s technically feasible for Wyze’s Alexa skill to monitor a camera for motion alerts, but I’ll pass this feature request along to the keeper of the request list.

Google Home integration is coming for Wyze somewhere down the road but the timing hasn’t been announced. The same question of feasibility will apply there when it does.