Alexa/Wyze IFTTT Query?


I just purchased an Alexa, and I was thinking of doing something like if motion is detected, make a noise on alexa.

I have tried, but when I try to choose the action service, alexa isnt showing? is there something I am doing wrong?

Unfortunately, Alexa is only available as a trigger on IFTTT, not as an action. That’s a choice made by Amazon, not Wyze.

Some people were throwing around some workaround ideas in this thread related to virtual switches in SmartThings, but Wyze doesn’t integrate with SmartThings, (yet?) so I don’t think that would work.

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Could I do something on IFTTT with a raspberry pi - e.g. if motion is detected, get a raspberry pi to speech “motion detected”, which in turn would be a trigger on alexa to start a noise, e.g. a dog barking

Hi @bushell welcome to the community!!!

I have not tried this - but after skimming through it looks like it should work. If you try it please let us know how your experience went.

Thanks @steve4335 - I think the easiest solution I am going to go with is to run node js on my raspberry pi, and when someone connects to it - it will perform text to speech e.g. “Alexa, alarm” for example.

I’ll use IFTTT so on motion sensor trigger, use webhooks to fire up node server.

In theory that should work, just not sure if the text to speech will be recognised by alexa. I’m hoping that when it uses this command, I can get alexa to start barking, and turn on the downstairs light - to an intruder may look legit like someones in the house. May work good in the night too, as if alexa starts barking, it’ll set my dog off to bark too. Just an indea :slight_smile:

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Definitely keep us posted. If you get this working, you should post a quick tutorial. Sounds cool.

I am using Notify-Me with IFTTT .
I have Wyze Contact Sensors on my Mailbox and Newspaper box and I get a notification on both my Echo Dot and Echo Show using IFTTT and Notify me .
I get a notification tone when either sensor opens and then I can ask Alexa ( Echo) " Notifications" ?
You can customize the notification to say anything you want .

I have 2 notifications:

  1. Newspaper is here
  2. The Mail is here

I tested with a camera motion detection and it works . I am not sure if there are any limits to the number of notifications you can send to Echo over a specific time frame before needing a cool down period . I believe I read somewhere there was a limit .

Let me know if you need help setting this up in IFTTT .

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To be clear, this refers to Alexa notifications, not Alexa announcements. Right? Definitely still useful, but it would be great if Alexa could automatically say “Person detected,” for example.

I’ve never set up any custom Alexa notifications, though. Is it possible to customize the notification sound at all?

The big problem with using IFTTT for motion detection notifications from WYZE motion sensors is that they ALWAYS are active whether or not the sensors are currently enabled in the Wyze App. You have to manually shut off the IFTTT recipe rather than rely on a schedule for the sensor or even manually disabling the sensor in the Wyze App. Can’t understand why this would be but after weeks of testing there seems to be no way to prevent notifications to IFTTT for motion detection once the recipe is activated.

That is true, there is a wishlist item below that deals with this, please follow the link and vote to have your voice heard:

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Mrgadget: please walk me through how to connect the motion detection from Wyze to IFTTT to Notify-me to Alexa. (Really, it requires three different services to get a single notification in Alexa?). I want to setup my aunts Echo Show 8 with a Wyze Cam “Garage Camera” so that if the Garage camera detects motion, a notification plays on my Aunts Echo Show 8.

I can help but first a couple of questions:
1 . Do you want an immediate announcement when motion is detected?

Example -Alexa would immediately announce "Motion detected in garage "

This can be accomplished using a Wyze PIR Motion Sensor and an simple routine in Alexa .

  1. Or would you want a notification sent to Alexa using the Wyze Camera motion detection , IFTTT, Webhooks, Notify Me and Alexa ?

Example - When Wyze Camera motion is detected in the garage a notification tone is immediately (some slight delay) played on Alexa , To retrieve this notification the Alexa user would have to ask Alexa " Alexa, Notifications ? " Alexa would then play the text of the Notify Me notification " From Notify Me - Motion Detected in the Garage"
This is somewhat complicated because of having to use 3 services to accomplish .

If you want immediate played notification from Alexa of motion in the garage I would use a Wyze PIR Motion Sensor and now that Wyze has released Sensor integration in Alexa you can easily create a custom notification in an Alexa routine . Also you can have Alexa play a selection of different tones / sounds, and turn on/off lights ( if you have smart plugs/ switches ).

I have moved all of the Wyze Sensor notifications that I want played or acted upon immediately over to Alexa routines .
I have only my Newspaper and Mailbox sensor notifications using the Notify Me skill . I like to have the notification there when I get home from work and ask Alexa for all of my notifications .

Edit - added YouTube link to Video of Alexa - Notify Me Notification - Mailbox .

got to Alexa playing buzz everytime door is opened

Can’t figure out play warning beeps when door is NOT closed within 60 seconds

  • can’t make such routine in alexa?
  • IFTT can do the logic, but can’t activate Alexa

any ideas?