Identifiers on new WCO motion-only scheduled recording clips

It would be nice for the time/date to be emphasized versus the estimated length of the movement that was caught. I am wasting time and resources downloading individual clips just to see what time they were created.

I take it the clip is on the device. The cloud receives and presents a thumbnail. To see the clip, we click the thumbnail and the clip is transferred from the camera to the base?

I don’t understand what you are asking. All of my events clearly show the date/time. For example, in this screenshot, the time is on the far right of the event.

Also, all events are grouped by the hour they occured in, making it easy to look for events in a certain frame. Not to mention showing the day up top. It’s all very clear.

Notifications also tell me exactly what time they occurred and provide a thumbnail image.

If you go into the playback on the SD card, it also shows the time you are viewing in the timeline.

Are you talking about the event stored on the SD card when you plug it into the computer? Because at a simple glance you can look at when the file was created too.

The date and time are everywhere. Can you post a screenshot of what you mean so we understand you better?

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A new option on a WCO is the ability capture motion-only events, to the onboard SD card using a schedule. Apparently you are showing regular events saved via Cam Plus, similar to standard events the various cams provide us with.

If you read the subject again, someone familiar with the WCO and following us here in Beta would understand the topic.

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I agree. There are timestamps in the thumbnails but it is very small and hard to see.

@carverofchoice the scheduled recording motion only feature mention above more or less mimics cam plus for the WCO except it saves to the SD card instead of the cloud and doesn’t have the cloud AI.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I have a WCO, but haven’t tried that new feature yet. That is some good feedback for us to be able to know which is which by listing date/time off to the side! Thanks for clarifying.

My misunderstanding was because the new feature is too closely named to other options (like only recording motion on any cam, or events only recording motion, and you can set up rules to record on a schedule only. I did not realize you were solely talking about the WCO since it was nowhere in the title or post, but it should’ve been obvious since you said “New”…I just mistakenly thought you meant you newly set up a schedule of when to turn on your cam. My apologies.

@carverofchoice I added WCO to the Topic.

Though I decided to play with this new feature, I have yet to determine it’s full potential. Someone mentioned the clips can be as long as one minute, which do provide a potential benefit over the 12 second standard motion clips.

Now to check if motion-only scheduled recording works in Travel Mode.

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Max clip length can be set as long as 5 min. From my tests it works in travel mode but stops if the camera leaves travel mode. It was mentioned that they would fix it so the camera would keep the scheduled recording active even if the camera left travel mode.

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Thanks for the information. I went back in to set up a new schedule, paying better attention to the options this time.

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I am assuming it will still do notifications and 12-second cloud clips even while in Scheduled motion-only recording? As I recall, it used to do this during both time-lapse and scheduled recording before, so I would assume it would continue with this too (as long as we’re not in travel mode). Anyone able to verify this first hand?

Meaning, basically, that now we can schedule it for all day long, but allow it to record longer videos (5min in length?), but the cloud and notification would still get just a 12-second clip of it and notify us. Is that correct?

Correct. I have two WCO’s doing this right now (non cam plus). Cloud events have a 1 min cool down. Scheduled recordings - motion only are running parallel (30 day duration) with a 30 second cool down and max video length of 1 min. I am gettings all cloud notifications and events like I normally do and If I check the SD card I am gettings recordings of various lengths, sometimes less than 12 seconds and sometimes as long as 1 min.

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Correct. Depending on unknown factors, not every movement is being duplicated for me. It may be related to cool down periods. But I do have more standard motion clips than motion-only clips from the scheduler. Oh, maximum schedule is 30 days. Ignore the file size warning, I believe it is based on continuous recording.

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This is pretty awesome!

Can we now set schedules to be recurring in any way? For example, can we tell it to do this every Monday, or weekday or every day from 8am to 8pm or anything like that (allow longer recordings to the SD card)? Or do we have to manually set the schedule every single day?

If not yet, then it would be a great update for Wyze to make and tout it as a perfect integration with their new security system to let us set recurring schedules for the WCO to record longer videos on certain schedules. Maybe it would be easier to add new Rules in the App where we can tell it to start different schedules for the WCO since Rules already have that capability to set start and stop on specific days of the week and times…so integrating this into the rules would allow us to set these kinds of recurring schedules. That would be awesome.

What I’m noticing, on quick inspection, of events that have a cloud recording but do not appear on the SD card is that the cloud recording clips have little to no visible motion. It might be that something is waking the camera near the edge of the detection but only briefly entering the viewing area or perhaps not all and the camera sends the forced 12 sec cloud clip but also when seeing no motion decides not to record to the SD.

Here is an example of a cloud recording that had no matching clip on the SD card. Very small motion on the left that moves out of frame.

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Right now it seems the best you can do is set the schedule to last 30 days after which you would need to re-enable it again. Using the generic rules in the wyze app you can turn on the cameras detection at specified times but I’m not sure how that affects scheduled recordings.


Another observation: older clips are defaulting to a generic thumbnail, leaving the date/time stamp off. My older eyes need help reading the date/time, not having it on each clip though is not user friendly.

Apparently the Album will not display icons for more than the most 30 recent clips saved. No method to scroll back any further, we must delete newer clips to allow access to older ones

Is it any better after the new firmware update today?

Also…what happens if you have a schedule setup, then you get a firmware upgrade and the camera resets…does it just pickup the schedule where it left off after rebooting, or does it cancel the schedule?

My schedule was still active after the update. Turning off the camera from the app stops the schedule though.

I’m seeing the same behavior on my cams.

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The update did not affect the settings or schedules. I did cancel my current schedule and started a new one. I did not observe any differences.

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