WOC Recording

My WOC will record video when I tap record and save the video to the album.
When I try to SCHEDULE a recording time, it tells me that I must install an SD card in the camera.
This in itself doesn’t make sense. But brings me back to my original question:
Why can’t the WOC just recognize motion and record a short video? And put it in the album without the SD card? AND without having to do a schedule for the recording time?
My issue isn’t the use of an SD card. My issue is it can record and save video manually, but not on detecting motion.

Let’s see if I can clear some things up.

Yes, this is called “manual recording”. This saves a clip to the device you are using the app on. This does not save the manual clip to the camera, only your phone or tablet.

This process saves footage to the sd card in the camera. This is different than manual recording to your device. This is you scheduling a block of time to record to the sd card in the camera. Kinda like with the local storage continuous recording that other Wyze cams have, but this will record a continuous block of footage to the card in the camera.

This can be done. You can use cloud recording which will save either a 12 second clip, then wait how ever long you have the cooldown period set to and then be able to save another 12 sec clip after the cooldown time. Or you can use camplus, which saves clips that should be the duration of motion that are saved to the cloud. Camplus does not have a cooldown between clips. Cloud clips are viewed in the event tab in the app.

See above about cloud recording. I believe scheduled motion recording is a feature that is being looked into see keep an eye on the future. This would save to the card in the camera.

Some in these things are different with the wco because it’s a battery operated camera.

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My WOC has never recorded any clip while set to motion detection. It gives me a notice of movement detected, but no events or video anywhere (cloud?)

I put an SD card in it now and I’ll see how that goes with scheduled recording set for 7 days on motion detection only.

Thanks for your reply.

Really? If you got notifications there must be an event video. Did you tap the events icon on the app home page and nothing is there? Tap on cameras, view all or go to the correct date. If you do scheduled event recording to the camera SD card you then have to take the card out, put it in a card reader to see the events. There is no way to view playback of the videos on the camera SD card from the app for the WCO.


@Antonius , looks like they updated in another post that it was in fact a filtering issue.


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I am guessing by “notice” you mean a “notification”, if you click the “notification” it should bring you to the event clip.

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