Ideas for WiFi camera with cable separation of lens

I have a need for a Long term battery camera with SD card, motion detection, rechargeable batteries and Wifi. The battery & wifi housing would be separated from the lens, SD card and motion detector to minimize it’s size so it can be hidden as much as possible by a cable (suggest 12" or longer better).
In my situation there is a need to monitor our garage which has limited areas where a camera can be put and not stolen because it can be seen (low ceiling). The SD card is need because some area cannot be reached by wifi. The separation of motion detector and lens would allow more places where the camera can be hidden. The use of rechargeable long term batteries would provide for less maintenance time and in some area there is no plug available. I think there is a market for this.

Camera with External lens (or Attachment)

I’m looking at hiding a camera behind plywood. Doing this (and properly angling it) with the current models would be very difficult. Separating the camera and lens by cable would make this simple.

New Product. Peephole sized lens that plugs into the camera body

I want a V3 style camera that separates the lens from the rest of the camera and electronics. The lens is the size of a door peephole. I can drill the lens diameter hole through a door, wall, garage door, porch light and mount the lens flush. The lens plugs into the camera body and is mounted or velcro’d out of side inside the building. I’d pay $50 for such a device. I could mount it hidden through my garage door and see what’s out side before I opened the door.

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