Wireless USB power through glass adapter

Here is my invention, of sorts.

I’ve been reading about wireless qi chargers for phones, and how they work better if your phone is made of glass rather than metal.

And I noticed on Wyze’s website that they will soon offer a window mount for the cameras to mount to the inside of the window.

Why not develop a mount for the outside of the window, combined with a wireless charger mounted directly on the inside of the window, to power the camera? That way you completely eliminate the window glare, and can angle the camera if needed. You’re also reducing lightning damage risks, to some extent.

I don’t know how much power the cameras consume, or how much the current qi chargers can transmit across the thickness of average window glass, but if you can get enough to power the camera, I think you could sell far more cameras to people who are unwilling to buy and install them because they don’t have a power source outside.

Especially if you made the external mount with a usb port, you could even market this outside of your cameras.

From a quick search this seems like a genuinely new idea! Congratulations.


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Great idea!