Peephole (Door View) Camera

Camera - Small form factor, flat - Video Doorbell without the doorbell

I want a small, flat camera. I want to surface mount it and power if from behind the plate. I want to surface mount one of each side of the outside of the garage door opening on the 2X8 vertical plank of the garage that faces across each side of the opening. I can drill a hole through the plank and feed power from inside. I want to shim it so it doesn’t face directly across to the other side, but sort of an angle to let me see more off to the side of the garage opening looking across the closed garage door. I actually could be a V3 that is flatter and does not have the stand.
Like taking the video doorbell and cut the bottom section off, as I don’t want the bulk or the button. Just a small security camera power by 5volts.

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