Peephole (Door View) Camera

Can you take a photo of your setup and image quantity please

Now that Wyze has come out with the Battery Cam Pro (with rechargeable battery pack), can’t they put this same design into a peephole cam apparatus? The outside appearance would only be the small peephole in existence on millions of apartment/condo doors, but on the other side of the door (inside the dwelling), the battery pack, Wifi radio, etc., can be housed. C’mon, Wyze!



Please tell us the specific parts that you used.
We’re tired of waiting for WYZE to finally put it together. We even have a battery pack that we’re ready to mount to the inside of the door.

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Do you have samples of how the image quality is? I’ve read that the focus distance of the telephoto is a few feet away and a peep hole is literally inches away. So not sure how you managed to get it to work flawlessly.

I have basically given up on Wyze. Such a promising company. The peephole saga is an example of dragging their feet.

I also am not a fan of paying monthly for cloud processing and having privacy exposure. Make something local.

Good luck all in making something out of this for peepholes. Such a great idea.

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A further excellent idea. :bulb:

I hope to find a mounting kit on Amazon someday soon. :pray:

Great idea!

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