Peephole camera for apartments

I was wondering who would be interested in a peephole camera with easy install for apartments???


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WYZE, PLEASE make a peephole camera that shows NOTHING noticeable on the outside of the door.
Switch your focus back to what you do best. Surveillance camera through the peephole is high priority for condo owners and apartment dwellers. The beta model doesn’t even need to be cordless. I can figure out how to manage a wire over to the hinge side of the door.


Doesn’t that kind of get into privacy issues? I understand if you have a single family house but in an apartment building I would think that it would somehow break privacy. I certainly wouldn’t want someone spying on me when I’m coming and going outside of my apartment building. Different then aiming at the street or looking at wildlife in your backyard.

It would depend on the bulging/management’s and state’s rules and regulations for cameras.

Ah so if I move to an apartment best to ask if they allow that if I don’t want to be watched by anyone other then security. I honestly have no issue if said cam was in plain site but when you hide it as a peephole, it kind of makes me suspicious that the person installing it has it for illegal activities or to stalk someone. From what I"m reading, all cams should be in plain site, including hallways in apartment buildings but never hidden or as peephole.

Are you kidding? If you think that all current surveillance cameras are in plain site, you’ve obviously never worked retail or in any large office building. We have no privacy, even when we cannot see cameras.

We’re talking about finding out who’s knocking on our door, Probably a fish-eye lens would be needed for the peephole and only catch the couple of feet directly in front of our door.


I would still like to see this happen and would buy tomorrow.

I don’t understand the privacy concern, the camera would see the exact same thing you can see by looking through the peephole yourself. what’s the difference?


I’m for this as well. This is a great idea.

Here are some options while waiting for Wyze to offer one.

The 2023 version of the list is just as useless. Example: Ring version installs through the hole in the door, where the regular peephole would be. The rest of them have a single screen mounted on the inside of the door. That would demand us to quietly make our way to the door, just to look at the screen. If WYZE would LISTEN to their customers, we’d have a camera that can allow us to remotely look at our smartphones & know what’s happening outside our door. We’re fully prepared to use a small HALO power supply strapped to the inside of the door, if WYZE ever “wises up.”

thanks for this comment
i wonder what he does about dash cams

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Dash cam! Love it!

Go Pro on our front door? :rofl: