Feature Request – Lens tube for mounting through door

A possible better place to mount a camera is firmly affixed to the INSIDE of a door, like the old-fashioned peephole lens.

But the field of view on the present camera is too wide to do so.

Can a lens tube be added so the wide angle lens is unblocked?

Also, would like to be able to have a much narrower field of view for some locations; screw-on interchangeable lens ? …


I would love to have this feature/option as well.

The door viewer cameras such as “Ring” and other similar doorbell cameras are not an option in rental units. Our building does not allow residents to place objects on the outside of the apartment door. Additionally, theft is a problem in my neighborhood. Doorbell cameras are easy targets for thieves or vandals.

Therefore, the best solution is to have a camera lens that looks like a peephole viewer from outside my apartment door and a Wyze cam on the inside of my door. I had to MacGyver my Wyze cam so that it is attached to my door from the inside. It sort of work, but the video is just a small, blurry image on my app.


Ok, this isn’t getting a lot of love but the apartment & condo market is a big one with lots of traffic around from strangers/neighbors. Really would like a peephole solution but hard to do that without a bigger object outside the door since I want camera, and motion sensor, and IR leds. Those can’t all peer through the peephole. But as small as possible outside with bulk inside with a wire and mounting screws/tube to connect them. Others make this but WYZE seems good at doing it better! Would like always on somehow since motion triggering to turn on full camera results in missed initial motion and sometimes the full motion. So a good inside battery that is easy to recharge. Either with USB plugged in every few days, or easy pop out rechargeable pack to swap and recharge.


I like what everyone else has suggested with a peephole lens attachment, a rechargeable/removable battery pack, always on, motion sensing, and IR illuminators. I’d also like a screen on the inside of the hole so I don’t have to find my phone and pull up the app just to see who is at the door. It would also be great if it had a fisheye lense for a 180° fov and could dewarp the video from it.



From what I have read I believe that the WYZE camera may have a medical application.

  1. Is there a WYZE model that lends itself to the highest resolution
    and close up capabilities ?
  2. Has anyone tested using a clip on Macro lens (The kind they sell
    for smart phones) ?
  3. Is there anyone willing to test their WYZE to see if they come
    close to the images I posted?
    You would need another person willing to pull their lower
    lid down so you can capture the image as close as you can get.
    Our goal is to image the meibomian gland at the best resolution
    and magnification.

See more photos:

My website is eyeimg.com

I agree that the condo/apartment market could be significant. I’ve tried various methods of converting my peephole to video, and there are just too many variations in doors, peephole sizes, etc. to make that a viable product. However, an over-the-door camera- where the camera module (and perhaps IR/light sensor) are on the exterior, and the rest of the camera are inside the door- would be a winner.

A peephole camera or peephole camera doorbell combination would be great… Can use my phone or Google home display to see who is at the door… Definitely a product whose time has come.

Over-the-door cameras are already on the market.

And it’s still hanging out there for theft.

Not any GOOD ones.

This is usually against tenant policy. Multi sized peephole camera exist but need a DVR device.

I think wyze could easily repeat that camera and just use the brains of their v2 with it.

Also in the market for something that looks like a regular peephole from the exterior. Apartment will not allow exterior modifications and thieves know there are no cameras so they just walk up and take packages.