Suggestion: Flush Mount - Wall Mount / Above Doorbell Cam

I love the my WYZE cams and I could really use one above the doorbell. Unfortunately, the cube shape doesn’t quite work. I’d love to have the same v2 camera but flush mounted to the wall. I don’t need it connected to the doorbell, just flat and wall mounted in the same area.

There is little to prevent you from cutting a hole in your wall to mount the camera. However that is likely more permanent than you want. But if you want flush, there is no option but to start cutting.


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True, I could put the WYZE cam cube in the wall, but it would be nice to have a form factor like this, even without the doorbell functionality.

Oh, you’re not looking for flush, but rather low profile. Got it.


A doorbell version would be great, I would suggest a very narrow form factor since many homes do not have much space for a doorbell sometimes. The Nest doorbell is too wide.

I’d love it too. Especially if it had a battery that would not need doorbell wires to power it. Perhaps with an indoor matching unit that chimes in pretty tones, with a list of tones like our phones have.
A peephole cam is also an option I’d certainly buy from Wyze since I rent and the apartments have no doorbells. I’d really like to see the face of the person at my door BEFORE I answer it.