Ideas for smaller less noticeable hidden cameras

My wyze cameras are noticed by people almost immediately when they enter the room. I would like the choice of a small hidden camera even if they’re not able to have sound.

I put mine in a plant to disguise them. You can come up with similar creative ways to “hide in plain site”. There are many options available on line.

SlickWraps also have some products that will at least make them less noticeable.

I’ve used the “marble” and “charred robot” skins which work fairly well.

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i bought a camasker. now my wyze cams look like artificial plants. no one notices them.

i got mine off amazon or you can find them here

the plant masking the Cam is a unique idea, but I agree, smaller more hidden cameras, less obtrusive than a large Potted plant or Clock Radio Alarm is a good idea. Maybe like a Nanny Cam idea for Wyze Cameras.

Making a SMALLER version of the camera

I feel the size of the camera needs to be reduced drastically. Create a different camera to compliment the current serious. When people know there’s a camera they will try to defeat it (come at it from another direction, cover their faces, etc) but if they’re no aware a camera is there then that’s when you got them.

Hidden camera - Nanny camera options

Would love to have camera options that blend in and not look like a camera. Maybe a clock, picture frame, smoke detector, vase, anything at all that will not be obviously a camera would be great!
Anyone plans for this in the future?

Would love to see a miniature camera that could be hidden that would tie into the Wyze network.

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Yes that would be great if that was available

The vast majority of all my cameras are outside and have the camera status light on. The intention of the camera installation location is to deter people from coming into entry points as well as to capture activity around the house.I far prefer to prevent incidents, rather than just capturing them on video.

However, there may be uses for a smaller cam inside to catch unwanted behavior.

Make a smaller hidden camera that can stream to App, record with sound continuously.

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How about a Clock case for your Wyze?

Wyze Cam Clock Case



This is awesome. I love Wasserstein stuff!

Everyone knows I have cameras in nearly every room excluding bedrooms and bathrooms, but something like this makes it LOOK nicer and adds a cool clock too.