I'd like to use WCO as a battery backup for power failure

I’d like to leave my WCO cameras plugged in, and the battery will only be functional for power outages. I have a couple questions before I purchase. Can the scheduled recording effectively be used for continuous recording if I “schedule” it for 24 hours? and how much continuous footage can be recorded on a full battery?

Keep in mind, if you don’t have power at your home, your internet service will be down and the WYZE outdoor cam base will not have power. Therefore motion events will not be recorded to the WCO base, nor will they be recorded to the cloud. You will NOT be notified about any motion events taking place in front of the outdoor camera while the power is out inside of your home. This holds true even though the outdoor camera is battery powered.

Forgot about the base, but this will be connected to a cellular hotspot which has a battery backup included.

Leaving the WOC plugged in while outdoor breaks the waterproofing and potentially voids the warranty. Also, my understanding is that continuous charging can damage the battery.
If you are after an outdoor capable cam that you want to power and want continuous recording, I would suggest looking at the V3 instead of the WOC. Better night vision, continuous recording capable and outdoor capable. There are many battery backup UPS devices available for power outage, and no need for a base unit.
Just some thoughts… hope they help.