I used to be able to view my WYZE cam on my FireTV, Now it doesn't work

I haven’t been able to view my Wyze cam on my fireTV, I used to be able too. I have the WYZE skill added and my account is linked. What’s the problem? Also, why is there not a person detection option alexa announcements in the camera settings. I’ve seen some people say they have this setting.

Alexa view worked the last time I tried it (“show” verbal command). The particular echo device needs to be linked to a particular Fire output device (one and the same for the Echo Show). There is no Wyze app camera setting for Alexa; you just use the Alexa app and discover devices. The PD announcement option should turn up under the camera’s setting in Alexa app.

It just tells me “sorry, something went wrong. Try disabling the skill and then enabling it in your Alexa app.” I did disable/unlink the WYZE skill and then relinked it and the problem still exists. Thats on my Fire Edition TV, on another TV with a Fire stick it just pulls up my Ring doorbell cam, doesn’t even try to pull up my wyze cam.

If you tell Alexa “discover devices” and restart the Alexa app, do the Wyze cameras show up at all under Alexa, Devices, Cameras?

Update all …Alexa and the Wyze apps.
Also this might help …
Try using “the” in the Alexa command.
Alexa, show “the” back cam.

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I am having the same issue. The weird thing is that the fire stick is connecting to the camera because I can hear audio from the device I requested to see, but the video is never displayed.