I put power for DC

Do these require a DC wall-wart to the controller? I am wanting to use in an RV and only have 12V DC circuit available.

A lot of dash cams require 5 volts DC.

I use this to convert 12 volts DC to 5 volts DC


This has a miniUSB connector, so if the light strip has a microUSB connector you will need an adapter.

Wall wart - Yes

From the Tech Specs section on the Wyze light Strip Pro Product Page

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Thank you. I didn’t see the power adapter on the mobile app just input 100-200V.

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Great…now he has to find a 12VDC to 12VDC converter. :roll_eyes:

You may be able to find a 12v barrel connector with a cigarette lighter on the other end.


I wanted to know before ordering a set, but I honestly could build my own segmented LED system from spare parts in my ham shack. Heck I have enough RED LEDs to wrap around my whole house.

Eric Gildersleeve

Did you find a solution for your DC conversion? I’m interested in this as well before I resign to just plugging it into a “power generator”.